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Shawn Allen is a Warren Buffett fan and his approach to investing is similar - look for solid companies with long term growth potential.

Although he works as a professional engineer, he is highly credentialed in the financial industry with an MBA, a CMA (Certified Management Accountant) and a CFA (Certified Financial Analyst). He also completed the Canadian Securities Course with honors.

Shawn's focus is primarily on Canadian stocks although he does cover some American stocks as well.

Investors Friends is not published as a newsletter as such but rather, a subscription gives you access to Shawn's research and recommendations in a password protected area on his website.

He does offer a free newsletter to anyone who is interested. The free newsletter usually consists of an article on investing. The May 2007 issue, for example, featured an article called Don't Hope to Get Rich. Instead Plan to Get Rich.

Shawn's track record is excellent. The website is plain vanilla, short on frills and fancy graphics, focusing instead on content - Shawn's picks and selected articles on investing.

If you're a Buffett fan, you'll like Investors Friend.

 Capsule Summary

  • Editor: Shawn Allen

  • Focus: value investing

  • Frequency: subscriber website updated regularly

  • Delivery: online (email notification)

  • Price: CDN$15/month or CDN$150/year

  • Published since: 1999

  • Website: Investors Friend

  • Sample: Sample Free Issue


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