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The Rothery Report

Toronto-based Norman Rothery, CFA, PhD, launched The Rothery Report in 2001, just as the market entered one of the most turbulent decades in history. A follower of the value investing principles of Benjamin Graham, this market provided opportunity for Rothery. His philosophy is straight forward:
  • Concentrate on deep value situations where under-followed or unpopular companies can be purchased at substantial discounts.

  • Take a long-term approach characterized by modest portfolio turnover and multi-year holding periods.

  • Look for a pattern of stability or growth.

  • Reduce risk with companies that have little debt or are paying down debt.

  • Insist on a long history of operation.

  • Seek open, honest, and competent management.

  • Remain focused on the best opportunities.

This approach has resulted in an average annual return on his portfolio of 13.1%. His average stock returns 40.5% over a holding period averaging 2.76 years. Rothery covers both U.S. and Canadian stocks.

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