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Pat McKeough is probably Canada's best known financial newsletter writer and with good reason. His track record is excellent and his newsletter is chock full of great information.

The Successful Investor has been ranked as the top financial newsletter in Canada for the last five years by Hulbert's Financial Digest (Report of Feb. 28, 2010).

McKeough is a conservative investor using his own specialized ValuVesting System.

You can follow Pat's blog at his website: TSI Network Daily

I wrote a longer article about McKeough and the Successful Investor a number of years ago. The information is still valid so check out the article linked below.

Profile: Pat McKeough

 Capsule Summary

  • Editor: Pat McKeough

  • Focus: value investing

  • Frequency: Monthly

  • Delivery: Mail

  • Price: $139/year

  • Introductory Price: $89/year or $18 every three months with automatic credit card billing

  • Published since: 1999

  • Website: Successful Investor

  • Followed by: Hulbert Financial Digest

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