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Corcoran's Chronicle

Precious little is available about Corcoran's newsletter on the Internet. He has no website. It is included in a few lists and was rated 10th overall by Hulbert for the five year period from 1999-2004.

In an article at Marketwatch from Aug. 19, 2004, Peter Brimelow notes a conundrum posed by the bearish Mr. Corcoran's newsletter. During bear markets, his newsletter has been a top performer, however, during market recoveries, he maintains his bearish stance and his recommendations are a disaster. Brimelow continued his analysis in an article on May 25, 2005. He also notes that Corcoran is no longer accepting new subscribers. Whether that is still the case is not known. And in an article at Crowne Gold dated June 20, 2005, Brimelow writes  he writes that "Corcoran is an increasingly eccentric, elliptical letter with a wild pattern of success and disaster."

Capsule Summary

  • Editor: Craig Corcoran

  • Focus: Mutual Funds, Gold

  • Frequency: 12 issues per year

  • Delivery: email

  • Price: US$400/year

  • Published since: ????

  • Website: none

  • Contact: craigcorcoran04@aol.com

  • Followed by: Hulbert Financial Digest

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