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The Privateer

Based in Australia, The Privateer newsletter is unique among newsletters in that it doesn't specifically recommend any investments except gold bullion. Rather it provides a detailed look at world economies with a special focus on the United States, all from a hard money perspective.

As the "Captain" of The Privateer, Bill Buckler, states at the top of his weekly Gold pages, "Gold in its historical role as a currency is fundamentally incompatible with the modern worldwide financial system."

His weekly Gold Pages update is free if you don't mind a week's delay. Subscribers get it right away. So check it out to get a feel for Bill's writing and analysis. Then check out a free issue of the newsletter.

The Privateer has been published since October 1984 and electronically since October 1995.

 Capsule Summary

  • Editor: Bill Buckler, Jr.

  • Focus: Gold, bonds, currencies

  • Frequency: 25 issues per year

  • Price: $AU180/year ($AU = $1.0264 $US) or $AU100 for 12 issues

  • Introductory Price: AU$25 for 5 issues

  • Sample Issue: Sample

  • Published since: October 1984

  • Website: The Privateer

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