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Hulbert Financial Digest

The Hulbert Financial Digest is unique among financial newsletters. It does not analyze stocks, mutual funds, options, real estate or any other investment. Instead, it analyzes financial and investing newsletters. You might call it the newsletter newsletter.

What it does is follow the recommendations of over 180 investment newsletters comparing their track records.

Over the years, Mark Hulbert has discovered some interesting facts about newsletters, including how the relative bullishness and bearishness of the newsletters reflects the opposite of what is likely to follow in the market.

If you're thinking about subscribing to a financial newsletter or two, we recommend subscribing to Hulbert for a year first (or in addition to the newsletter you've chosen.) Especially if Hulbert follows that particular newsletter.

Newsletterama notes whether any newsletter listed here is followed by Hulbert or not. There are hundreds of newsletters so Hulbert, obviously, can't follow them all.  So non-coverage by Hulbert has no bearing on the merits of any newsletter you might be considering.

 Capsule Summary

  • Editors: Mark Hulbert

  • Focus: Newsletter Comparison

  • Frequency: 12 issues per year

  • Delivery: email/mail

  • Price: US$59.00/year (email)

  • Price: US$69/year (mail)

  • Published since: 1980

  • Website: Hulbert Digest

  • Our Review: Review

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