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AI Stock Forecast

Michael Henry, an aerospace engineer working for the NASA Glenn Research Center in 1990, developed his Artificial Intelligence computer program to forecast the stock market in his spare time. The program is based on the ideas of neural networking.

In 1999 he went public with his research launching Top-Down Market Research LLC online. TDMR publishes the AI Stock Forecast.

The newsletter is available electronically only and includes the AI stock portfolio, the AI mutual fund portfolio, a monthly report and access to a database of over 4000 stocks.

Those who want the meat and potatoes, you'll be pleased to know that AI does not give "long drawn out commentaries with ambiguous advice".

 Capsule Summary

  • Editor: Michael Henry

  • Focus: US Stocks & Mutual Funds

  • Frequency: 12 issues per year

  • Delivery: email

  • Regular Price: US$149/year

  • Intro Price: US$49/6 months

  • Published since: 1999

  • Website: TDM Research

  • Sample: Sample Issue

  • Followed by: Hulbert Financial Digest

  • Intro Discount: Stock Focus


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