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Almanac Investor Newsletter

This newsletter comes from the folks who publish the annual Stock Trader's Almanac, the Hirsch Organization. It's billed as a "guide to market patterns, cycles, fundamental developments, strategies and stock selection".

Like the Farmer's Almanac, the Stock Trader's Almanac puts a strong emphasis on seasonal factors.

One interesting fact they have discerned is that NYSE stocks selling at their lows on December 15th often outperform the rest of the market by February 15th. Check out their "Free Lunch" online for details.

Another interesting thing is that they make all their back issues available online for free, so if you don't mind getting month old news, this one's a freebie!

 Capsule Summary

  • Editor: Jeffrey A. Hirsch

  • Focus: US Stocks & ETFs

  • Frequency: 12 issues per year

  • Delivery: email

  • Regular Price: US$295/year

  • Intro Price: US$195/year

    • US$19.50/month

  • Published since: 2001

  • Website: Almanac Investor

  • Sample: Sample Issue

  • Followed by: Hulbert Financial Digest

  • Intro Discount: Stock Focus

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