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The Dines Letter

If a newsletter could be called venerable, that term would apply to The Dines Letter, one of the longest running financial newsletters in the world.

Not only is Dines an astute analyst of the investment scene, his writing is interesting and erudite. He comments on more than just the stock market.

Gold and hard money investments have always played a large role in Dines's investment outlook.

Dines also is big on the psychology of the stock market and uses mass psychological factors in his analysis.

The January issue is always a large  blockbuster issue that looks at the year ahead.

As well as The Dines Letter, Jim also offers an Interim Warning Bulletin to keep up with changes and breaking news between issues.


Capsule Summary

  • Editor: James Dines

  • Focus: Stocks

  • Frequency: 14 issues per year

  • Delivery: email or snail mail

  • Price: US$295/year

    • US$185.00/6 months

  • Published since: 1960

  • Website: The Dines Letter

  • Sample Issue: None

  • Followed by: Hulbert Financial Digest


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